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ImageThis is Gucci, and once we move full time to the ranch we are going to have to go outside with her every time she has to go outside. There are hawks, eagles, rattlesnakes, and owls that we will have to watch out for around the house. These are things we did not have to worry about while living in the city. So far though…we have not been able to get any of the dogs to even relive themselves at the ranch. We take everyone for a walk, but they won’t even urinate. Even when we go for walks around our own home, they wait until after their walk to take a pee. Isn’t that strange? 

One aspect about being in the country is that people are so willing to tell you all about country life. Recently we visited a ranch where a gentleman had some pea hens, chickens, dogs, and some barn cats. Reading about country life and living it are very different. I have read that pea hens beat up on the chickens, but the gentleman told us that although the pea hens rule the area they don’t hurt the chickens. Having a balance not only helps the ranch, but also keeps snakes away from you living space. Barn cats will help with the snakes too. So basically we will have some pea hens and barn cats helping to protect Gucci. We won’t tell her that, we will just let her believe that she is protection for us. 

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