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A Day Trip

Rock of Morro Bay


So, when we go to Terreni D’ Oro we also like to take some trips around San Luis Obispo County. Morro Bay is where we ended up as we drove around. Sometimes we just pick a road and take that one to where ever it takes us. It was a beautiful drive through San Miguel, Paso Robles, Templeton, and then to Morro Bay. It was a wonderful, comfortable 85 at Terreni D’ Oro, and it was only 53 in Morro Bay. I am not a fan of cold in the summer. I am a firm believer of warmth in the summer. It just seems so very wrong for the temp to be only 53. Call me old fashioned, but I know what I like. Give me some summer heat! Do you like summer heat or chilly summer conditions?

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