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Do you want to see something scary?

ImageLast weekend while we were leaving our new digs this thing flew into the truck. Sergio said in a soft voice “Can you open the back window?” As we were driving we were looking at a cargo plane that had been circling around the airfield near the military base. My husband and I were speculating on what was happening, meanwhile the children were trying not to panic. Sergio again requested that the back window open. I think he was trying not to provoke the thing into flying around the truck cab. Just as we understood what he was asking the thing flew to the front of the truck. I thought it was a bird. None of us had ever seen anything like it. As all the windows in the truck went down to get the thing out it decided to go into the vent. My husband turned on the air, to force it out. I closed my vents! I did not want that thing coming out on my side. GREAT! We had three more hours in the car, and my fresh coffee was just sitting there…I was unable to drink it because of the fear I had of the creature flying at one of us! 

Finally we started to relax…my husband was convinced that his turning the heat and then the air on in the truck had shaded the beast to tiny pieces. I, on the other hand was just praying silently that the thing would fly out some other hole and be free and multiply away from us. I kept my vents shut down for the rest of the ride back to the bay area. 

The next day my husband washed his truck, and out comes the Tarantula Hawk. Yeah, that is what you just read Tarantula Hawk. These things are so fierce that they kill tarantulas. The sting from one of these is suppose to be one of the most painful in the world. They usually don’t sting unless they are provoked. STILL! EEK! The bonus part of the story is the damn thing flew out on my side after my husband opened my vent. So, just in case one of these things fly in your car, don’t provoke the thing. 

Family Friday


Before we began our hunt for the perfect place for us I often thought about all the people that came before us. The people that were in the region that we were looking, and what they had to do to get to the area. As well as the family that I know about that came from the Old World to start a new life here in the United States. I even know the history of one of our Native American families. As we move our history goes with us, so I thought on Friday I would share some of the stories I know about my family with you. 

I just love shows like the recent “Hatfield and McCoy”. It does not try to romanticize a gritty time in the history of the United States. It tells the tale of two families and how a disagreement got way out of hand. Although the infamy of the their family lives on, there were so many families that we have not read about or that are as famous. 

I believe that there have been terrible atrocities to many people throughout history. Not just one group of people, but many. There is nothing we can do to change what has happened. What we can do is learn from their mistakes. As many people in their own lives have had indignations happen in their own life times we do all we can so that it does not happen to the next generation of youngsters. To live a life of hate is a waste of time. We all as human beings have the opportunity to do something better for one another instead of working against each other we need to work together. Just like country folks and family working together being united is much better than finding fault and opposition.

A Wonderful Start


We just love our barn. We have a PWS or Protective Weather Structure. There are several colors that are available, we wanted an old fashioned looking barn. We went for the red, green roof, and white trim. We even opted for the insulation to keep it cool in the barn on hot days. You would not believe how comfortable it is inside the barn. The barn is capable to having additions later too. We are thinking of having a french door added to one side, and having two more doors added to each side of the largest door in the center. Later we can also add a fan to the cupola to keep it even cooler.

Throughout the whole process our representative John came out and measured the area where we wanted the barn, and every time we talked to him he was so very sweet. All the people on the phones were so very nice, and friendly. The people that worked on the barn kept the owl feathers for us. We have a Snowy Owl that lives on our ranch. I have not been able to capture the owl on film, he has just been too fast. I did get a photo of the kangaroo rat that was hoping around the barn last week. EEK!

This is the start of our lives in San Luis Obispo. We just love being there!


ImageThis is Gucci, and once we move full time to the ranch we are going to have to go outside with her every time she has to go outside. There are hawks, eagles, rattlesnakes, and owls that we will have to watch out for around the house. These are things we did not have to worry about while living in the city. So far though…we have not been able to get any of the dogs to even relive themselves at the ranch. We take everyone for a walk, but they won’t even urinate. Even when we go for walks around our own home, they wait until after their walk to take a pee. Isn’t that strange? 

One aspect about being in the country is that people are so willing to tell you all about country life. Recently we visited a ranch where a gentleman had some pea hens, chickens, dogs, and some barn cats. Reading about country life and living it are very different. I have read that pea hens beat up on the chickens, but the gentleman told us that although the pea hens rule the area they don’t hurt the chickens. Having a balance not only helps the ranch, but also keeps snakes away from you living space. Barn cats will help with the snakes too. So basically we will have some pea hens and barn cats helping to protect Gucci. We won’t tell her that, we will just let her believe that she is protection for us. 

A Day Trip

Rock of Morro Bay


So, when we go to Terreni D’ Oro we also like to take some trips around San Luis Obispo County. Morro Bay is where we ended up as we drove around. Sometimes we just pick a road and take that one to where ever it takes us. It was a beautiful drive through San Miguel, Paso Robles, Templeton, and then to Morro Bay. It was a wonderful, comfortable 85 at Terreni D’ Oro, and it was only 53 in Morro Bay. I am not a fan of cold in the summer. I am a firm believer of warmth in the summer. It just seems so very wrong for the temp to be only 53. Call me old fashioned, but I know what I like. Give me some summer heat! Do you like summer heat or chilly summer conditions?