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City Slickers Rescue

Ranch Road

The first gate we opened we found that we could not traverse. The mud was just too much. Well, that should have been our first sign not to enter. We shrugged it off, and proceeded to enter the ranch, and up the hill. We went a little further, and felt our truck moving closer to the edge of the hill. It is too dangerous. We tried to back up, and just continued to get closer to the edge. Our provisions were water and donuts from our special little donut shop in Templeton. We had the Cane Corso’s in the back of the truck, their cages were covered with special covers to keep the warm and dry from the driving rain. The kids and our Yorkie (city dog) were in the back seat. The kids had their iPods with them to keep the busy, but we were laughing so hard about how our predicament could play out as time passed. As the rain fell harder, and we were making no progress we had to face reality.

My husband turned off the engine, and said “Call David ask him for help”. I called, and asked for help. In the mean time my husband walked down to the gates to open them for our help to arrive. The gentleman we bought the land from was the first to show up. He is our neighbor too. Then David, and several other trucks show up to help us. Since our truck was close to the edge we all got out of the truck, and allow the men to help move the truck to level ground. Special thank you to all our new country friends, and David. Having the right realtor makes all the difference in the world. We had our first “Green Acres” moment. LOL

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