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Villa Dogs

Cane Corso (Italian Mastiffs)

Our Cane Corso (Italian Mastiffs) are sisters from the same litter. We went to pick them up at the breeder 3 years ago. He told us that the two we have were born to be buddies. We did our research and debated about which breed we would choose as our “big” dogs. We already had a Maltese, and a Yorkie. Everyone had a different breed of big dog that they had in mind. We started our search when we thought that we were going to get the first ranch. When we found the Cane Corso we thought this would be the perfect dog for us. They have been around for so long, and they were by the sides of Roman Soldiers. That was a real selling point for me. As I am a real history buff, especially Roman. *sigh*

The Medici had Cane Corso too. They are represented in many Italian paintings too. Not only did they protect the Villas of Italy, but they are loyal family dogs. They love to do what you see here. When they are in the house they love to sleep in the family room with the family. I have read over and over that they love to be with their family and are not the kind of dog that is left outside. Training them early also helps. They are very fast runners. WOW! Our dogs play tag all day long.

They have done their share of bad things. We have gone through 5 patio screens, 3 grill covers, and saucers for plants…I stopped counting. What do they do with the saucers you ask? Well, they take the saucers and slide down the hill with them. Yes, that is right slide down the hill, and break my terra cotta saucers. I could start my own mound of clay pot and saucers they girls have trashed.

I love them! The whole family loves them. A great breed of dog!

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