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What’s In A Name

What's in a Name?

Yesterday I wrote about obtaining our dream ranch. Since the beginning of our journey we had an idea of what kind of name we wanted for our ranch. In the beginning of of search we looked at Sonoma and Napa, but we could not get zoning for a museum in those counties. We then took our search south, and that put us in San Luis Obispo County. When we first entered the county my husband said “I don’t know where you guys are going to live, but I am living here!” We laughed so hard, knowing he could not live anywhere without us. The first name we really liked was Terra Del Sole which translates as Land of the Sun. I even had a blog for a long time of the same name. The problem was there was a town in Italy with the same name, and if my blog got too popular they could ask me to cease with the use of the name. Cosmo Medici was the founder of the town.  He was one of the people that helped to fuel the Renaissance, with artist that he patronized, and his support of Neo-Platoism. I had 400+ followers at the time, but I thought I better just let it go. Second name selection was Terra Del Sole D’ Oro. It translates as Land of the Golden Sun. My husband thought it was too long. People have to be able to remember the name. I liked it since it encompassed Italy and California. It took the Medici name and married it with the nickname of California. The nickname being the “Golden State.” We went back and fourth with a name, and then compromised with Terreni D Oro. Which translates as Lands of the Gold. Since we own several parcels it is more fitting. My husband even came up with the design for the logo. I can’t wait to make coffee cups with our logo. The logo edges are the rays of the sun, so my addition is there just not in the actual name. I think he did a great job. What do you think?

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