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Dream Ranch

Majestic Oak on Terreni D Oro

Since 2008 we have been looking for our dream ranch in San Luis Obispo County in Southern California. Our third attempt got us exactly what we wanted. The first place was exciting, and we would visit every week. The land was so beautiful. The house needed lots of work, but it did have it’s own indoor pool. After eight months of visiting every weekend the seller pulled out of the deal. We were heart broken, and felt like we let down all of our family and friends. We told everyone, and everyone asked us for updates when we saw them. Seeing our family and friends with their hearts broken over our loss was so painful.

The second place we went into escrow, I was secretly longing for it to fall apart. I just did not like the frontage of the property at all. It ended up falling apart. There were several beautiful places we saw between the second and the third, but my husband wanted to have a passion for the land. Our poor realtor David Crabtree was so patient, and really listened to what we wanted. He found us our dream place, and we are so happy with our location! I am so happy that things happened the way they did.

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